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Proffsol has relocated multitudes of factories big and small.

Our experienced Supervisors and Managers meticulously plan and implement the factory/plant relocation. Rigging crews adhere to safety regulations and take great care to secure any load to ensure all equipment, machinery and tooling is lifted, transported and positioned intact.

Factory relocation services are complex endeavors that require meticulous planning, expertise, and precise execution. By following a well-structured plan and partnering with an experienced relocation service provider like Proffsol, you can be assured of a seamless transition to your new premises.

Minimizing disruptions and optimizing production workflows will allow companies to resume operations swiftly, keeping your business running at peak efficiency.

Each relocation requires different equipment and at Proffsol we are able to provide anything from Crane Trucks and Mobile cranes, to Forklifts, Lowbeds, and red seal riggers.

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