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Proffsol moves machines and equipment up to 200 tons in weight. Whether it is lifting and moving a small lathe, a 100-ton transformer or moving a printing machine to the 2nd floor, our skilled and certified Rigging Operators will take exceptional care whilst moving your valuable equipment and machinery. Our fleet of Crane Trucks range from 12ton/metre to 80ton/metre capabilities.

Our Rigging Equipment is certified to industry standards:

  • 200 Ton Hydraulic Boom Gantry
  • 45 Ton Boom Truck
  • Forklifts with load capacities of 2,4,6,7 & 12 tons
  • Specialised Crane Trucks with cranes ranging from 12 t/m to 165 t/m
  • Low Bed trailers
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container moving

Proffsol’s proximity to Cape Town’s port, the city and container storage yards, make Proffsol your container Moving and transporter of choice in Cape Town. Proffsol’s has an extensive fleet of crane trucks that are often seen on the freeways around Cape Town lifting, transporting and offloading 6m and 12m containers.

Proffsol has a fleet of forklifts from 1.8 Ton to 7 ton that can assist with stuffing or de-stuffing containers at our yards or at the loading or offloading site. We routinely move office use containers and refrigerated containers to sites and mines as far a field as the Northern Cape.

Situated in Cape Town, close to the harbour, we are able to receive containers at our yard for stuffing or de-stuffing for further distribution to clients nationwide.

Proffsol is a highly experienced logistics partner that ensures your containers are delivered to the destination in pristine condition and in the most cost effective way.

Container transport companies in Cape Town often turn to Proffsol Rigging and crane hire for our transport services to assist with cranes, transport and delivery of containers collected from the port.

Proffsol’s container transport division are a team of highly experienced riggers and container movers, having lifted abnormal containers weighing in excess of 30 tons to empty 2x3m containers on site.

If you need containers lifted and transported, request a quote from Proffsol Crane Hire and Rigging Cape Town.

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